We'll start where you are.




Your first appointment is much more than an educational session with a registered dietitian. Together we’ll review your current diet and medical history and develop a personalized plan of action to immediately address your health concerns.

Follow-up visits will help you develop the skills and resources to build a sustainable food plan based on your preferences and lifestyle.

  • Initial Consultation — 75 minutes. $150.

  • Follow-up Visits — 25 minutes. $75.

    • I am pleased to offer a 20 percent discount to self-pay clients and packages. See below for more information.

Appointments are available in-person, by phone or by videochat—whatever works best for you.  Note, due to insurance policies phone and videochat appointments are only available for self-pay clients.


Insurance & Fees

Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Therapy

Reimbursement for nutrition therapy varies dependent on individual policies negotiated between insurance companies and employers. For plan-specific information please review our Insurance Coverage hand-out. It is often necessary to contact your insurance company to determine if specific nutrition services are covered. If your plan does not cover nutrition therapy other options might include using your Health Savings Account or an employer’s flex-benefit (cafeteria) plan. Currently, phone consultations are not covered by insurance.  

Payment or co-pays are expected at the time of service. Major credit cards, flexible spending account cards, checks and cash are accepted.

Self-pay packages offer significant savings. Valid for 12 months. Please note there are no refunds for packages.

  • Initial Consultation, plus two 55-minute visits  — $ 300

  • Three 55-minute follow up visits — $ 300

  • Food Sensitivity Testing/Mediator Release Test — $ 700

For details, see Food Sensitivity Testing/Mediator Release Test (MRT) under Services.